There are a lot of exciting things happening at Usherance Studios. When we officially formed as an LLC in 2016 we had our creative sights on four projects; Pick Paint Profit, Conduct of Innocence, Unbelievers, and Traffick Cops. We are absolutely stoked about our progress thus far.

1. Conduct of Innocence (Completed Feature film script – Development)

Logline – “A respected 30-year prison guard gambles with his freedom and life when he helps prisoners escape, hoping that together they can rescue his daughter from human traffickers.”

2. Pick Paint Profit (Reality Show)
This new and exciting show follows the life of furniture flipping expert and artist, Kristi Kuehl, and her two partners in crime, Gary Palmer and Cully Pratt.

Pick Paint Profit Episode 1 Teaser

Pick Paint Profit

3. Unbelievers (Feature Length Film)
Currently we in development on our 3rd feature length film, Unbelievers, based on a screenplay written by Trevor L. Smith adapted from his end-times suspense thriller novel of the same title.

4. Traffick Cops (Reality Show)
Traffick Cops is a reality show in the vein of one of the very first reality shows, COPS. Traffick Cops follows law enforcement as they track down and apprehend human traffickers. Our desire for the show places emphasis on the rescue and rehabilitation of victims caught up in the slave trade. With our other projects actively requiring our attention, this show remains in the early stages of development.