There are many “professional” screenwriters today who have never had their work sold or produced who provide script coverage, consulting, and ghostwriting services for those wanting their story or ideas evaluated or written. So, when you hire a random online service, often you never really know who’s going to provide the service you pay for and if their own writings have even made it to where you’d like to see yours go.

When you hire Usherance Studios, Trevor L. Smith, a gifted writer and storyteller, will be working with you directly to provide script or book coverage, consulting, or ghostwriting your story. Trevor is an author and produced screenwriter whose work has been produced and made into award-winning films, accepted into film festivals, distributed internationally, has been viewed all over the world, and carried by Netflix and Blockbuster. At the heart of every great artistic expression is story, and Trevor understands story, character, conflict, pacing, and all the things that must be present for your work to stand out. Trevor also understands and demonstrates technical excellence in his writing, knowing that even the best story ever written will not be looked at or read if it’s not professionally formatted and free of grammatical errors.

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Usherance Studios provides the following writing services:

1.    Screenplay and Book Coverage – Trevor will read your script and provide you with pages of detailed notes covering story, structure, presentation, formatting, dialogue, concept, tone, pacing and plot, etc. He will read and evaluate your story as a consumer, a character or actor, as well as a professional reader, producer or publisher, so we can provide you with the observations, input and suggestions needed to polish and present your story in the best and most professional way possible. Our script coverage services start at just $79 for television, and $99 for feature films and books.

2.    Consulting – Trevor will work together with you via phone, email, text, Skype and even face-to-face with those who are local, to develop and polish your existing screenplay or work alongside you to develop your story idea, and help you go from concept to completion writing your own screenplay. Because every project is different and the extent of his involvement will vary based on individual client need, please contact us for pricing.

3.    Adaptation – Trevor can adapt your existing book, novel or story into a TV show, short or feature length film. Please contact us for pricing.

4.    Ghostwriting – Trevor can ghostwrite your life story, your original story or ideas, and develop them into a TV show, short or feature length film script for you. Our ghostwriting services start at $45 per page for screenplays. For books, please contact us for pricing.

 Confidentiality and Rights:

Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon in writing, all our writing services include Trevor and Usherance Studios signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and your story and work will be kept strictly confidential. You retain 100% of the story and script copyright as well as the writing credit.

Contact Trevor L. Smith today at (916)838-1564 or email him at to discuss your writing project.

For quotes and availability for writing services, please click here.